Digital Transformation

Top 5 Obstacles for CIOs Transforming the Business

Digital transformation has driven massive change across industries, and in its wake, a new crop of CIOs is poised to transform the business. Amid shifting market conditions, they’re working to align technology with business goals, whether it’s quickly bringing modern applications and products to market, improving employee experiences, or transitioning from physical resources to virtual tools.


Today’s CIOs must not only meet current needs but also cast a vision for the future. At a time when digital disruptors are battling established enterprises for market share and competitive advantage, it’s clear that the old ways of doing business simply don’t work anymore.


In this brief, we dive into key obstacles facing all CIOs and provide insights and guidance on how to overcome them.


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CIOs Reveal Their Priorities and Successes in IT Transformation

In the past ten years, VMware, along with parent company Dell EMC, has hosted hundreds of global IT transformation workshops. In those sessions, we work closely with CIOs and their teams to analyze progress across thirty areas of digital transformation.

We’ve drawn from the deep trove of countless unique perspectives to provide technology leaders with a picture of how IT initiatives have evolved over the years.

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