12 Days of Digital


Looking ahead to 2017 and reflecting back on 2016, the CIO Vantage team took some time to survey the technology landscape. We noted significant impacts of the technological and business disruption that’s been accelerating over the last couple of years. While this disruption has occurred at a demanding pace, we can see constructive results, with new IT service delivery models, new business processes, and new user experiences taking shape.

And there’s much more on the horizon: Intelligent apps. Digital twins. Adaptive security. Hybrid cloud. Some of these ideas are further along than others. But most of them will sprout, take root, and grow—from idea to hot topic to test case to trend to reality. We predict that most of what we see in the distance will be integrated into the fabric of organizations within just a few short years, changing the way we use technology, engage in business, and do our work.

Thus our call to action: Get ready. Think about and plan now for the foundational tools and systems your organization will need to capitalize on these big ideas in 2017 and beyond. What will it take to support intelligent apps or build digital twins or implement adaptive security—even if you’re not ready to pilot or adopt the idea now? Anticipate where your business and developers want to go when they start experimenting with those ideas. And be prepared to offer them the IT environment they’ll need, one with capabilities such as automation, infrastructure self-provisioning, a choice of private or public clouds, and a platform where they can develop cloud-native or software-as-a-service apps.

Our gift to you is a look at the big technology ideas that can light the fires of innovation in your organization sooner rather than later. With this, we’re delighted to bring you the “12 Days of Digital” series. We hope you find this information interesting and useful.

Check back here for more days of digital—and share your thoughts using #VMW12Days. Enjoy!


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