5 Ways Cloud Services Boost Performance


Cloud services have emerged as an ideal model for agile, cost-effective IT delivery. They enable IT to become more nimble, flexible, and collaborative to support an organization’s growth and innovation. By using cloud services, organizations no longer have to wait weeks, or even months, to evaluate, test, and provision the right technology to support new projects.

In fact, 54 percent of 2015 enterprise IT expenditure will be allocated to externally provided cloud infrastructure services, according to Melanie Posey, research vice president of IDC’s Hosting and Managed Network Services programs, in “Journey to the Hybrid Cloud.” Posey states that “private clouds (internal and third-party hosted environments) will reach budget share parity with traditional in-house IT in 2015 and surpass it by 2020, pointing to continued transformation in the enterprise data center and the immediate appeal of dedicated (and in-house) cloud environments.”

A recent InfoWorld white paper, sponsored by VMware, describes five strategic ways IT can leverage cloud services:

  • Speed creation of environments for application development and testing
  • Maintain IT business continuity
  • Extend existing applications
  • Accelerate delivery of web and mobile applications
  • Improve desktop experiences

To get more details, download the white paper “Cloud Services Help IT Meet Today’s Business Needs.


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