Digital Innovation and the CIO


In a climate driven by powerful digital forces, CIOs are feeling more pressure than ever to innovate. Increasingly, they’re expected to be flexible and agile in how they operate and manage the platforms that support digital business.

Deloitte’s seventh annual Technology Trends report explores the opportunities CIOs have to innovate in the digital era. The report covers eight trends that are likely to disrupt business in the next 18 to 24 months, such as blockchain, augmented reality, Internet of Things, and autonomic platforms.

In its examination of autonomic platforms, Deloitte describes the results of a DevOps pilot project undertaken by VMware in its own business. The results have been impressive, according to Avon Puri, VMware vice president of IT, enterprise applications and platforms. Resource efficiency improved by 30 percent, and application quality and time to market each improved by 25 percent. To support the effort, pilot leaders broke down barriers between departments, processes, and technologies to help developers work more effectively with business units.

The potential benefits of DevOps are substantial. Successful DevOps transformations empower CIOs to improve the speed and agility of IT while maintaining stability. By enabling quicker, more frequent releases, DevOps can lead to a better value per release and better time to market—directly impacting business results.

To learn more about DevOps and other IT trends, check out the full Deloitte Technology Trends report “Tech Trends 2016: Innovating in the Digital Era.”


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