Liota: Driving IoT App Development


The Internet of Things (IoT) is happening now. It’s a wave that CIOs need to catch and ride to the fullest.

Recently, VMware took a first step in its IoT journey. We are furthering our commitment to developers as well as makers of devices and gateway providers through the launch of Liota (Little IoT Agent). Liota is a vendor-neutral, open-source SDK for building secure IoT gateway data and control orchestration applications: where, when, and how to gather data from attached devices and transfer data to data center components. Liota also supports an application in receiving control signals from data center components. The Liota SDK provides libraries for developing applications that connect and orchestrate data and control flows across things, gateways, and the cloud.

Currently available to developers for free, Liota solves an industry problem that’s very real. It’s been validated in recent discussions that VMware CIO Bask Iyer has had with VMware customers who had early access to the framework.

Get Bask’s take on Liota in the article “VMware Introduces Liota – The IoT Developer’s Dream.” And for a technical overview of Liota, check out the post “VMware and the Internet of Things: Liota” by Greg Bollella, principal investigator at the VMware Office of the CTO.


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