Moving into a Future of Mobile Banking


ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group) was founded 180 years ago. But bank executives today know the institution must continuously evolve to meet customers’ changing expectations.

More and more ANZ customers expect mobile banking solutions. They want anytime, anywhere access to a full range of services and activities—even the most complex transactions.

ANZ executives recognized there could be important benefits to providing mobile solutions to customers as well as to employees. Equipping employees with mobile solutions can facilitate new conversations with customers, beyond the traditional bank branch. “We have a real focus on actually going out and spending time with our customers and taking our digital banking experience to them,” says Anthony Watson, head of technology management for ANZ.

Mobile solutions can also benefit bank employees personally. Being able to access bank applications anytime, anywhere enhances work flexibility.

To move forward with mobile solutions, ANZ needed to not only develop custom apps but also find ways to manage thousands of enterprise mobile devices used by employees across Asia Pacific. In addition to maximizing administrative efficiency, the bank had to ensure security and compliance with strict regulations.

Going Mobile

ANZ chose VMware AirWatch® to securely manage the bank’s fleet of more than 18,000 mobile devices, which are used in 34 countries. The bank is also using the AirWatch Software Development Kit to develop new mobile apps for customers and employees. Apps include tools for mortgages, wealth management, and insurance, as well as a custom HR tool for employees.

Now, ANZ bankers can pull out their AirWatch-managed iPads to meet customers in convenient locations, inside or outside the bank. Instead of sitting across a desk or behind glass, the banker can be “side by side, helping a customer, understanding their needs,” says Steve Odgers, head of distribution transformation for ANZ in Australia. The result is “a much more engaging experience for our customers.”

When working with a mobile ANZ banker, customers can see, edit, personalize, and act on financial recommendations. According to Gordon Rennie, at ANZ, “Being able to see and personalize recommendations means you’re far more likely to be engaged with your recommendations, far more likely to understand how they meet your needs, and far more likely to implement them at the end of the meeting.”

By enabling the use of new mobile solutions with VMware technology, ANZ can continue to meet changing customer needs while achieving the bank’s core business goals. “We’re in the business of delivering a great customer experience,” says Claire Rogers, head of digital banking. “There’s two ways to do that. One through our people and the other through technology—but the intersection of those two is really where the gold is. That’s where the transformation is happening, and we’re seeing enormous benefits.”

To discover trends and challenges disrupting the financial services industry today, check out the infographic “Banking on Digital Transformation.”

And to hear more about how ANZ is achieving a mobile transformation, watch the video below.



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