Next-Gen IT Models Embrace Hybrid Cloud


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In novel form, the argument for a new IT operating model might be entitled “Great Expectations.” Once completely dependent on the IT organization for technology, business units have a new breed of tech-savvy leaders who are unafraid to innovate. These business leaders view IT as a strategic asset that adds value as a growth enabler and competitive differentiator. They seek to partner with the CIO function as peers to achieve their goals.

What are those expectations? Business strategists expect senior IT executives to understand their complex business requirements and advise them on ways and timeframes to deploy emerging technologies. IT must keep up—that is, respond with speed and agility to changing business needs. At the same time, CIOs can’t ignore the IT infrastructure. They must continuously improve efficiency and productivity to provide the necessary resources to fund and support new initiatives.

The traditional plan-build-run paradigm will not be able to support these expectations. Instead, CIOs must move to a next-generation IT operating framework that is based on the broker-integrate-orchestrate model. As a broker, IT solves specific business problems by bringing together stakeholders and service providers. To maximize return on investment, the IT group then integrates services from a range of providers with each other and with existing on-premises resources. Finally, IT monitors and manages the resulting end-to-end solutions to meet service-level commitments for performance, reliability, and security.

To support emerging IT operating models, CIOs must modernize and extend their on-premises infrastructure by leveraging hybrid clouds. This approach provides the necessary agility and scalability to accommodate rapidly changing market requirements. While accelerating business innovation, a fully integrated hybrid cloud strategy also improves productivity and helps align IT costs to business needs. As CIOs move their organizations into this challenging new strategic role, hybrid cloud technology is nothing short of the primary enabler for next-generation IT operating models.


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