Pivotal SQLFire End of Product Availability FAQ


With the launch of Pivotal Software Inc. ("Pivotal") in April 2013, Pivotal and VMware formed a partnership to deliver a well-managed, agile and secure data and application infrastructure for VMware environments across public, private, and hybrid clouds. 


We are pleased to inform you that Pivotal has developed a new in-memory distributed SQL database offering called Pivotal GemFire XD ("GemfireXD"). GemfireXD further builds on Pivotal SQLFire and offers Hadoop persistence for Big Data use cases.


As part of the transition to this new software, Pivotal announced the end of availability of Pivotal SQLFire, effective November 1, 2014. 


All current Pivotal SQLFire Enterprise and Pivotal SQLFire Pro customers will be automatically entitled to receive an upgrade to Pivotal GemFire XD effective in January, 2015. Specific details on the Pivotal SQLFire transition to GemFireXD can be found in the FAQ


You are no longer able to purchase additional licenses of Pivotal SQLFire. However, existing customers may continue to use Pivotal SQLFire and receive technical support through January 15, 2016. 


If you have any questions, please contact VMware Licensing at VMware Support, or reach out to your VMware or Pivotal representative to learn more about your migration options. 



The VMware and Pivotal Teams