VMware vFabric Data Director Provides Database as a Service

Its cloud data management reduces costs and increases agility, accelerates analytics and automates database life cycle management. 


vFabric Data Director Product Video

Watch a demo of vFabric Data Director database virtualization and lifecycle management platform.

What vFabric Data Director Does

Database-Aware Virtualization

Enable database administrators to virtualize databases on the proven VMware vSphere infrastructure.


Take advantage of development tools such as RBAC database access and the capability to clone, back up, snapshot and restore with a single click.

Automated Life Cycle Management

Provide cloud data management for thousands of databases through database templates, cloning and post-clone scripts for policy compliance.


Database-Aware Virtualization

Quickly virtualize databases on vSphere with built-in workflows. Copy a database from a physical server to a virtualized database. Customizable templates increase resource utilization and eliminate over-provisioning database resources. Other features include resource management and isolation, integrated template management, and database ingestion.

Automated Lifecycle Management

Web-based data management console, fast database provisioning, cloning, policy compliance, and database-aware high availability provider better SLAs to your business.


Self-service capabilities for heterogeneous data engines, including database provisioning, common database management operations and robust role-based access control (RBAC) for authorized users.


Customers need to buy their own Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL licenses, if using a commercial distribution. vFabric Data Director is available as one SKU for both downloads. Both vFabric Data Director and VMware vFabric Postgres are available with perpetual licenses with annual support and subscription, sold separately.

  • vFabric Data Director includes a license for 25 managed virtual machines and up to two vCPUs each.
  • vFabricPostgres Standard Edition (production use) includes a license for one managed virtual machine and up to two vCPUs.
  • vFabricPostgres Standard Edition (non-production use) is free.