VMware Public and Hybrid Cloud Customers

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford moved to a hybrid cloud to provide central IT services to 40,000 users. Their objective was to provide a self-service application for the UK research community both with the University of Oxford and with other universities who faced challenges administering, securing, curating and managing research data over their lifetime's. Listen to Dr. Stuart Lee, director, Computing Systems and Services for University of Oxford describe their hybrid cloud and the benefits gained from their deployment.

Public and Hybrid Cloud Computing

Sega Europe

Sega Europe moved to a hybrid cloud to share current game builds with external testing studios comprised of approximately 1,000 users from all across Europe. They once had Amazon EC2 but moved to a vCloud to be compatible with Sega’s own VMware infrastructure. Listen to Francis Hart, systems architect, Sega Europe describe why their hybrid cloud allows them to handle spikes in capacity during QA testing for new games.

Public and Hybrid Cloud Computing

Additional Customer Videos and Success Stories

Public Cloud Diaries

Read the diaries of companies spanning many industries as they share business situations, benefits and challenges experienced while moving to the public cloud.

Phoenix NAP®, a VMware vCloud Service Provider, Enables SureTax® to Provide Secure, Highly Available Tax Calculation Services

A Customer Case Study
To keep pace with rapid business growth without making a costly investment in computing hardware, SureTax engaged the Flexible Data Center Solutions platform by Phoenix NAP, an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider offering cloud services based on VMware vCloud technologies. SureTax, which provides enterprises with real-time software-as-a-service tax calculations, used the private cloud and virtualized solutions to meet the privacy, performance, and high availability needs of its growing client base while realizing a rapid return on investment.


Colt is a pan-European, business-to-business service provider and VMware’s first Europe-based vCloud Partner to offer VMware vCloud Datacenter Service. Hear Mark Leonard, Colt CTO, discuss how they are helping customers connect their internal private clouds to the Colt service, providing the ability to manage all of it as one virtual data center.


Teradata is a leader in data warehousing, business intelligence and business analytics. Learn why they are choosing a VMware-based public cloud solution to deliver the enterprise-class security and high-performance required by their customers.


Listen to James Johnson, senior vice president of technology services at LAMCO, discuss why he selected a public cloud service to provide the flexibility needed to meet fluctuating demand and capacity needs for both compute and storage, while minimizing expenses and upfront costs.


As one of the first VMware partners to deliver a VMware vCloud Datacenter Service, BlueLock CTO, Pat O’Day, discusses the relationship with VMware, why VMware-based services best meet the needs of their customers and how public cloud services are being used today.

Consona Delivers SaaS to R&D Teams Through VMware Technology, BlueLock Virtual Data Centers

Consona’s IT department needed to accommodate business growth and meet the demands of external customers as well as internal research and development teams for fast provisioning of IT capacity. The company is optimizing their internal data centers worldwide and utilizing VMware and BlueLock to accommodate the explosive growth associated with research and development, and after-sales support.