Cloud Services Engagement Platform Benefits

Leverage consistent engagement and actionable insights to improve productivity and deliver the resources your IT and developer teams need.

Centralized Administration

  • Sign in with your corporate identity or login securely with a multi-factor enabled VMware ID. 
  • Organize your users into groups and/or organizations.
  • Secure access to your services and resources in one place. 
  • View realtime costs and invoices across all services, and pay for what you use in one step.

Simple Intuitive Engagement

  • Try services before you buy and onboard effortlessly.
  • Leverage a secure, reliable, fully managed pub/sub and notification service with actionable insights. 
  • Get help whenever you need it with a fully searchable suite of in-context documentation, knowledge bases and community articles. 
  • Reach out to VMware support via chat, or log a support request in seconds for guided assistance.

Secure by Design

  • Ensure you’re operating on a compliant platform with universal built-in security.
  • Access an end-to-end audit trail for complete visibility.
  • Leverage compliance certifications across SOC2-type1, ISO* and FedRamp.

Integrated Services

VMware Cloud Marketplace

Choose from a rich ecosystem of third-party solutions and services, the technologies you know and love, designed and tested to run on VMware-based clouds.

VMware Cloud Provider Hub

As a partner, expand your managed services portfolio for VMware with a central hub for simple provider management and end-to-end customer lifecycle management. 

Foundational Components

Access Management

Manage access to VMware Cloud Services and resources securely across your organization, teams, users, and service accounts.



Organize to Fit Org Structure

Fine-Grained Access Control

Mirror your company’s organizational structure and manage users according to your business needs with organizations.

By setting authorization boundaries, you can control access at a service or resource level.



Create Organizations

Support Three Types of Principals

Assign Roles and Permissions

Set boundaries for access, authorization, payments, commerce, and support. You can create as many organizations as you like, logically mapping them to meet your business needs. Users can move between organizations without having to re-authenticate. Learn more.

Manage access via users, groups and OAuth Applications. Users can authenticate using corporate credentials or VMwareID. Groups are simply a named group of users. And OAuth Applications are used to give your apps secure delegated access to your resources.

Invite users to your organization and assign them role-based access to resources. VMware Cloud includes a range of out-of-the-box roles for your admin and service needs. Learn more.

Cost Transparency

View real-time estimated costs and past invoices with metric level details.



Monitor Spend

Clear Insights Into Usage

With daily snapshots into spend, you always know exactly where you stand – no matter where you are in the billing cycle.

Spot patterns in cloud consumption, and easily reconcile usage with billing. Apply costs in different ways, defined by you.



Billing Statement History

Trends and Analytics

View up to 15 months of billing statements for year-on-year comparisons.

Break down spend by service or look at the complete picture for budget reviews and planning ahead.

Identity Management

Streamline user experience with secure, simple identity management.



One Set of Login Credentials

Enforce Corporate Security Policies

Make life easier for users with one set of login credentials across all VMware Cloud Services. You can BYO corporate identity and policies, too.

If you set up federated identity management, you can enforce security guidelines and policies as set by your company.



Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

SAML 2.0 Federation with Corporate Identity

Secure VMware ID

Enable SSO so there’s just one set of credentials needed to access all VMware Cloud Services. You can also add extra security with a stronger MFA scheme like a smart card or app that generates a one-time password. Learn more.

Provide federated access to VMware Cloud Services using existing identity solutions like corporate Active Directory or any third-party identity management solution that supports SAML 2.0. Learn more.

When you sign up with VMware Cloud, you can create a VMware ID. Use this ID to track all your accounts, both on-premise and in the cloud. Learn more.


VMware Cloud Services provides two options for managing language and currency.



Tailored to Your Location

Support for Your Tax Rules

VMware Cloud Services – including web content, emails and phone support – can be translated into eight different languages; with payments available in six currencies.

To make things easier at EOFY, VMware Cloud Services supports the taxation rules of over forty countries.



Eight Languages

Six Currencies

VMware content is available in US English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. Learn more.

Pricing and payment support is available in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY, and CNY. The address of your organization determines the currency you deal in. Learn more.


Get timely notifications to help you manage your VMware Cloud Services.



In-Context and Actionable

Build Your Integrations

Engage with VMware in-context and respond instantly via email, webhook or in-app channels.

Subscribe to management events via webhooks to build your integrations.



Targeted Messaging

Receive in-context notifications based on your access and localized to your language.


Select the preferred payment method for your organization when you onboard VMware Cloud Services with a new organization.



Choose How To Pay

Organize Your Invoices

Use one payment method across services. Choose from Subscription Purchasing Program creditscredit card, or pay by invoice.

Tag your invoices with information like a PO number or department name for easier reference.



Billing Management

Promotional Credits

Easily adapt billing to suit your business needs. Complete cost transparency aids in budgeting; and you can add, remove, or change payment methods in just a few clicks.

If available, you can pay for VMware Cloud Services using promotional credits. These can be service-specific or applied to a group of services.

Streamlined Onboarding

Sign up in one step or try before you buy with a free trial on some VMware Cloud Services.


Seamless Set-Up

Risk-Free Trials

Easy Management of Payments

Creating a new organization during onboarding is quick and easy. Inviting new users to the organization is simple, too.

Some VMware Cloud Services offer free trials, so you can ensure a good fit for your needs before committing to payment.

Set up your payment information during onboarding, so it’s easier to transact with VMware for paid services.



One-Step Onboarding

Get started in just one integrated step, which includes accessing free trials, setting up an organization and optional payment.


Get the answers you need, fast. VMware Cloud Services come with 24x7 support and guidance.



Help At Your Fingertips

Self-Service Ticketing

Support is available in your language, at your fingertips, and in-context. 24x7 live agent support is available, too.

Manage all support tickets for your organization in one place, regardless of whether you or an agent creates them.



Intelligent Search

Assisted Help Via Chat

In-Context Support

Search in-context, across VMware Cloud Services Documentation, VMware Knowledge Base and VMware Communities. Add a rating to improve search results.

Get help from our agents 24x7. Keep using your VMware Cloud Services while chatting and troubleshoot fast.

View contextual content to help you perform tasks, search for answers, and for those times when you want to chat, contact a member of our customer support team. Learn more.



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