VMware vCloud Air Offers Flexible Storage

vCloud Air compute services offer three types of persistent block storage: the highest performance in All-SSD flash-based Standard and Premium Storage, the less critical, workload specific SSD-Accelerated Storage, or the more cost-conscious Basic Storage. Whether you choose Virtual Private Cloud or Dedicated Cloud you have access to the SSD-Accelerated and Basic storage volumes. All-SSD storage services are available only with Dedicated Cloud in select locations with limited customers.

What vCloud Air Block Storage Provides

Effortless Growth

All storage options allow growth of VM disks without downtime and the flexibility to migrate easily from one option to the other.

High Performance

All-SSD Standard and All-SSD Premium storage are suitable for I/O-intensive, latency-sensitive transactional applications for dedicated cloud customers. SSD-accelerated storage is recommended for workloads that do not require consistent high performance. Basic storage is the most cost-effective option that meets the needs of all but the highest IOPS requirements.

Tiered, Flexible Storage

Divide workloads and assign IOPS to VM disks based on your performance requirements. You can dynamically blend storage types to meet variable requirements.


With the different storage tiers, you can scale storage linearly. This provides ample scope to grow businesses and accommodate workloads of all kinds in a short amount of time.

All-SSD Storage Features
All-SSD Standard
All-SSD Premium
All-SSD Storage Features Available Capacity
All-SSD Standard 6,000 IOPS per 2TB (8K block sizes)
All-SSD Premium 12,000 IOPS per 2TB (8K block sizes)
All-SSD Storage Features Price
All-SSD Standard $550 per month
All-SSD Premium $850 per month