100% Compatible Hybrid Security Designs

Hybrid DMZ Reference Designs for vCloud Air enable you to create familiar security and networking architectures in the public cloud that are consistent with your on-premises environments.

Consolidate core services and network connections in to a single isolated zone.

Why Use Hybrid DMZ Reference Designs?

Secure Entry Point to Your Hybrid Cloud

Implement a secure DMZ entry point that extends your on-premises security and governance policies.

Compatibility with On-Premises Architecture

You can maintain the same architecture, security, governance and networking policies as on-premises.

Aggregated Network Connectivity

A cost-effective, high-performance design that centralizes multiple cloud entry points and shares the among different vCloud Air service instances.

Extend or Replace the Data Center

Find out how our Hybrid DMZ Reference Designs can help you get started.

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Consistent Networking and Security Policies

By extending your on-premises security and governance policies to the public cloud, you can eliminate inconsistencies in your networking and security policies and architecture.

Service and Network Isolation

Maintain different projects in different virtual data centers for resource isolation and role-based access control.

Management and Network Shared Services

Run perimeter security and entry point security services, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, as well as shared services like monitoring, logging, and orchestration tools in the Hybrid DMZ to eliminate duplication of services and ease management burden.

Consolidated Licensing

Lower the costs associated with on-premises licensing models for third-party applications. With a Hybrid DMZ, you can consolidate software licensing and network connections, thereby reducing expenses.

Cost-Effective, High-Performance Connectivity and Redundancy

Aggregate network connectivity to and from different vCloud Air services to reduce costs and improve bandwidth. Get up to 10Gbps bandwidth per vCloud Air Direct Connect line and connect multiple Direct Connect lines in an active/active state with BGP for dynamic routing to and from the cloud.

Compatible with On-Premises Security

Unlike other public clouds, our reference architectures let you create a hybrid security architecture that is 100% compatible with your on-premises security. Increased isolation and resource control help ensure better security than other public cloud offerings.

Bring-Your-Own Security and Network Appliances

Bring your own IPS/IDS, antivirus, content firewalls, proxies and more. You can also bring your own network appliances such as WAN optimization, DNS, routers, load balancers, and VPN concentrators. Share them among multiple vCloud Air service instances to eliminate overhead and wasted resources.