Cloud-Based Automation Tools for vCloud Air

Your one-stop-shop for resources to seamlessly develop and automate your infrastructure.


Our industry-leading, end-to end platform supports your entire portfolio of applications, from container-based, cloud native apps to business critical enterprise applications.


Build apps in the cloud with speed and agility. vCloud Air enables you to leverage your favorite tools and existing processes, so you can modernize legacy applications and optimize new apps.

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Create compelling, contextual mobile and IoT apps cost-effectively and at scale. Learn more about how vCloud Air and Kinvey managed Backend as a Service can help you extend data center apps and accelerate delivery.

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DevOps with vCloud Air 

Many organizations are implementing DevOps initiatives to increase development throughput and shorten product delivery timeframes. The combination of vSphere and vCloud Air provides you with the ability to deploy applications on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments with no changes thanks to the same underlying vSphere platform.

To extend configuration management and deployment automation to the cloud, you need tools that seamlessly configure, manage, and deploy to both on-premises and cloud-based servers. Use popular DevOps tooling today with vSphere and vCloud Air.


Configuration Management with Chef

Use Chef to automate infrastructure and applications across virtual data centers and hybrid cloud environments. Create Chef Cookbooks to deploy applications into either vCloud Air or vSphere environments with no changes using the knife-vsphere and new knife-vcair plugin.

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Configuration Management with Vagrant

The vagrant-vCloudAir provider and plugin enable the creation and configuration of Vagrant Boxes on vCloud Air.

Learn more at the vCloud Air Vagrant GitHub repo