Deploying a Virtual Machine from Scratch

Virtual machines can be deployed from scratch or from an existing catalog image. Sometimes, you need more flexibility and control over choices such as the operating system family, hardware version, and amount of memory. In this document, we look at how to create a virtual machine from scratch in *VMware vCloud Air.

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1. Create a Virtual Machine

Once you've set up a virtual data center and a network, you're ready to deploy a virtual machine.
If you're not already logged in, to get started:

  1. Go to and log in to vCloud Air.
  2. On the Dashboard tab, click the virtual data center where you want to deploy your workload (in this example, we use the SHAREPOINT virtual data center).

    To create a virtual machine:

  3. From the dashboard of the virtual data center, click the Virtual Machines tab, and then click the Add One tab.
  • You see the New Virtual Machine on Sharepoint window.

4. Below the catalog, click the Create My Virtual Machine from Scratch link.

  • This starts the VMware vCloud Director UI, and you see the My Cloud tab.

5. Click Build New vApp.

6. In the New vApp - Name this vApp window, complete the following fields, and then click Next.

  • Name: Enter a unique name for the virtual machine. In this example, we use Scratch VM.
  • Runtime lease and Storage lease: You can select a value or keep the default values for these fields.

7. In the New vApp - Add Virtual Machines window, ignore the options to look for catalogs, and click New Virtual Machine.

8. In the New Virtual Machine window, enter the settings for virtual machine name, computer name, hardware version, operating system family, operating system, and hard disk size.

9. Click OK.

10. In the New vApp - Add Virtual Machines window, verify that the new virtual machine was added to the list, and click Next.

11. In the New vApp - Configure Resources window, keep the setting provided for Storage Profile, and click Next.

12. In the New vApp - Configure Virtual Machines window, enter the following settings, and then click Next.

  • Network: Select one of the available networks. If you don't want this virtual machine to be accessible from the external network, select an isolated network. In this example, we use the default isolated network Sharepoint-default-isolated.
  • IP Assignment: Choose either static or DHCP. Here, we use DHCP.

13. Make any other changes needed, and then click Finish.

  • vCloud Director creates the virtual machine.

2. Confirm the New Virtual Machine

To confirm the creation of the new virtual machine:

  1. On the My Cloud tab, right-click on the virtual machine, and then click Start.
  2. Return to the VMware vCloud Air UI.
  3. Click the Dashboard tab, and then click the virtual data center (in this case, SHAREPOINT).
  • In the list of virtual machines, you see the new virtual machine that was just created (in this case, ScratchVM)

4. Optional: Click the new virtual machine to review the available options for it.

  • You can choose to power off, reset, register for backup, delete snapshot, or launch console.