vCloud Air - Uploading Media to vCloud Hybrid Service

With vCloud Air, you can upload media to quickly build virtual machines from scratch. This guide takes a look at how to upload media to vCloud Air through the Java applet. This procedure is very similar to the one for uploading a template.

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1. Review Private Catalogs

To review previously deployed private catalogs:

  1. If you’re not already logged in, go to and log in to vCloud Air.
  2. From the Dashboard, click the desired virtual data center.
  • In this example, we use the SHAREPOINT virtual data center.

3. On the Virtual Data Center Details screen, click Manage Catalogs in vCloud Director.

4. Once in the vCloud Director UI, go to the Catalogs screen, and then click the vApp Templates tab.

  • In this example, you can see that the vApp template (vCCNode25) has been uploaded to a private catalog (Templates).

2. Upload Media to the Catalog

To upload media to the private catalog:

  1. Still on the Catalogs screen, click the Media tab, and then click the Upload icon to open the Upload Media window.

  2. Complete the fields in the Upload Media window as follows:
  • Media to upload: Browse to and select the desired media. For this example, it’s media for a standard Windows 2003 virtual machine.
  • Name: Name the media. Here, the media is named win2k3std.
  • Virtual datacenter: Verify where the media will be used. Here, it’s the SharePoint virtual data center.
  • Storage profile: Verify the storage profile. Here, there is only one.
  • Catalog: Verify where the template will be uploaded. Here, it’s the Templates catalog.

3. Click Upload

4. In the Transfer progress window, verify that the upload has started.

5. When the upload completes, close the Transfer progress window to return to the vCloud Director UI.

6. On the Media tab, monitor the progress as the media is imported into the catalog.