“vCloud Air gave us the ability to move QUICKLY when the business required it.”

- Dean Crutchfield. CIO, Zebra Technology

Zebra Technologies Saves Millions Leveraging Hybrid Cloud

If you’re faced with a merger, acquisition, or other consolidation or migration project, you can quickly shift infrastructure to the public cloud. Find out how Zebra Technologies used vCloud Air to move 700 applications from a massive Motorola merger into its IT infrastructure and now expects to save nearly $57 million in hosting costs.

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"When you're going through a merger and trying to look at things holistically, you always feel like the sand in the hourglass is running out. vCloud Air let us flip the hour glass."

—Scott Meyers, Cloud Architect, Zebra Technologies

vCloud Air helps you solve critical enterprise IT use cases with a hybrid cloud platform. Learn how you can take advantage of the public cloud with vCloud Air for:

Disaster Recovery: Safeguard your vSphere investments.

Data Center Extension: Seamlessly move vSphere workloads to the cloud and back.

Data Center Replacement: Move your on-premises data center to the cloud.