Benefits of Modern Applications

Modern applications are the driving force behind the innovations that we sometimes take for granted, such as ordering items on your phone that are delivered in hours, paying bills online, and streaming your favorite shows. Tanzu Labs can help validate your ideas as well as build the applications that create those great customer experiences. Our product development process has been refined through decades of practice.

Build Better Apps

Focus your product design on what your customers need. User-centered design takes an evidence-based approach to ensure the software you build solves what matters most to your users.

Build Apps Faster

Develop applications with agile methodologies and apply cloud native principles like microservices and APIs.

Release Apps Continuously

Adopt proven patterns across your organization so you can permanently shorten your path to production.

Why Microservices?

Using a microservices architecture is a tried-and-true approach to building applications that meet the demands of modern software development. Microservices empower developers to move quickly on important features and provide the flexibility to scale and adapt to changing business needs.

Empower Developers to Act

Microservices allow developers to work on new features, fix existing bugs and push code to production without having to worry about how their changes will affect business logic across an entire monolithic codebase. 

Scale as Needed

All services are not created equal, and microservices architectures help solve this problem. Scale up or down individual services as needed to account for increases in traffic, data volume or other pressures.



Adapt to Changing Business Demands

Microservices enable other approaches to modern applications, such as event-driven architecture, that make applications more flexible and modular. Account for new requirements by adding, removing or changing how services interact with each other.  

Let’s Build a New App

What's your top priority this quarter? A new digital service in response to business demands. A mobile app to appeal to a new market segment. The new features your customers have been asking for. No matter the project, Tanzu Labs can put our expertise to work for you. Modern app development services are tailored to deliver the outcomes you care about most.

Discovery Workshop

After this half-day workshop, you’ll leave with a helpful framing of your goals, opportunities and challenges and some ideas for how to get started.

App Navigator

This 2-6 week engagement with app modernization experts and tools helps you choose and execute an app modernization strategy with confidence and deliver results faster. You’ll walk away with an outcome-based plan of action to prioritize and deliver results faster than you thought possible.

Modern App Development

During this 6-8+ week engagement, we’ll help you modernize your portfolio or build and launch an entirely new digital product and deliver additional value in response to user feedback.

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Modernize Existing Apps

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Embrace DevSecOps

Deliver higher quality, secure code to product faster and more frequently.

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