Frequently Asked Questions

VMware Tanzu is a modular cloud native application platform that enables businesses to thrive in a multi-cloud world by operating applications efficiently and more securely on any and many clouds while spurring developer productivity and invention.

We are an active leader and consistently in the top three of contributors to the Kubernetes open source project, as well as numerous other cloud native projects that are bringing innovation to modern applications like Carvel, Knative, Harbor, and Spring. 


For a full list of projects that are part of Tanzu, visit our open-source site .

VMware Tanzu provides the technologies to build a modern software supply chain, as well as the services and expertise to help you build new cloud native applications and modernize existing applications.


VMware Tanzu is inherently multi-cloud, offering you the flexibility to run modern applications on Kubernetes anywhere—on premises, in a public cloud, and at the edge. Choose the best cloud technology to meet your ever-evolving application and business needs, which could include regulatory requirements, data sovereignty, or even labor costs.

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