VMware Cloud Ready Framework Pillars


Define scope and requirements as you transition to a cloud operating model that includes both existing and new applications.


Deploy and configure your cloud environment based on the information gathered from the Plan pillar, supporting both traditional and modern workloads.


Protect and secure workloads and applications in VMware Cloud with visibility and distributed security controls that deliver comprehensive threat protection for users, applications and data.


Transform your infrastructure and applications by migrating existing workloads, refactoring existing applications or building new applications.


Get guidance on your ongoing workload management and cloud operations. Leverage a shared responsibility model that allows you to focus on your applications.

VMware Cloud Providers

VMware Cloud on AWS

Run production applications across vSphere-based private, public and hybrid cloud environments with optimized access to AWS services.

Azure VMware Solution

Seamlessly extend or migrate existing on-premises VMware workloads to Azure without the cost, effort or risk of re-architecting or retooling.

Google Cloud VMware Engine

Enable seamless migrations from on-premises environments to Google Cloud VMware Engine and the ability to integrate with Google Cloud services.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Accelerate enterprise cloud migration with the ability to move seamlessly between on-premises and cloud environments, as well as hybrid deployments that span both.

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Migrate VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud while using existing tools, technologies and skills from your on-premises environment.

VMware Cloud Providers

Bolster your business with the world’s leading cloud infrastructure with trusted private and hybrid cloud services delivered by VMware partners.


VMware Cloud Migration Tools

Explore the different migration strategies, types, and tools available to successfully migrate your workloads to any VMware Cloud.

Architecting Your Multi-Cloud Environment

Learn the five key architectural principles to help you build a multi-cloud environment that meets the needs of your business, today and tomorrow.

Application Modernization in a Multi-Cloud World

Get market perspectives on app modernization, Kubernetes and multi-cloud strategies based on detailed insights from 1,200 global organizations.


Deliver Intrinsic Availability and Resiliency

Understand the capabilities included in a VMware Cloud on AWS software-defined data center. Review the different deployment options that are available.


Modern Infrastructure with VMware Cloud on AWS

Get the technical guide with real-world proven strategies for seamlessly integrating your hybrid IT environment without having to rewrite applications.



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