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Join VMware President Sumit Dhawan and VMware VP of Research Sujata Banerjee to explore the exciting world of generative AI and its profound impact on businesses.

Maximize the Value of Your App and Cloud Strategy

The VMware Cloud Operating Model is a framework that binds your business, application, and cloud strategies together to accelerate agility, optimize performance, and control your multi-cloud environment. It brings people, process, and technology together for consistent service delivery, operations, and governance wherever workloads reside, for today and the future.

Build New Clouds

Transform IT Ops by delivering self-service clouds, with rapid elasticity and a full set of consumable APIs.

Embrace Existing Clouds

Align CloudOps and embrace your existing clouds to optimize your investments, strengthen security and governance, and deliver a framework for accountability and clarity.

Onboard New Public Cloud Services

Efficiently extend cloud management processes and capabilities to new public cloud services and environments through a repeatable onboarding process.

A Successful Cloud Operating Model Explained

Purnima Padmanabhan, SVP and GM of Cloud Management at VMware, shares VMware's vision and strategy for a successful Cloud Operating Model.

Command Your Multi-Cloud Environment with VMware

Accelerate Agility

Unlock innovation by speeding up the delivery of infrastructure, platform, and app services with a self-service consumption experience.

Optimize Performance

Maximize efficiency of resource utilization, unify visibility, and optimize performance at minimal cost by delivering end-to-end intelligent operations. 

Control Cost and Capacity

Manage cloud spend and drive financial accountability with  financial management and operations capabilities to analyze cloud cost and capacity trends.

Protect Infrastructure and Assets

Manage risk and compliance by strengthening your security posture across cloud workloads, services, and infrastructure.

VMware Aria Cloud Management

Portfolio of products for private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud management.

VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth

Intelligent insights that help you optimize costs, improve governance, and build your cloud center of excellence.

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Key Questions About Multi-Cloud Operations

Hybrid cloud operations focus on consistent management of a common infrastructure layer based on technology deployed across clouds. Multi-cloud operations involve consistent management of two or more clouds that don’t have consistent infrastructure. 

Yes. VMware multi-cloud management is designed to help manage workloads that run on the native infrastructure of public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. It can also help manage a hybrid or multi-cloud scenario that includes consistent infrastructure based on VMware technologies, running alongside natively deployed workloads in the cloud.

Management across a multi-cloud environment can be a challenge for organizations, as well as increased costs and protecting workloads. Improving operational governance and automating core processes are also high priorities to solve.

A Cloud Operating Model describes the people, process and technology changes required to evolve an organization and effectively manage your cloud services.

Successful digital transformations typically require a business strategy, an app strategy, and a cloud strategy with a Cloud Operating Model that binds them together. Most challenges come when the Cloud Operating Model is skipped.

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