Turn Your Strategy into Action

We will help you cut through the complexity of app modernization by building a strong strategy and execution plan. We’ll prioritize the apps that matter most to your business, deploy to modern platforms, and deliver measured value faster than you thought possible.

Get Insight into Your Portfolio

We will help you uncover modernization patterns you can apply across your portfolio, identify measurable ways to accelerate your initiative, and define the best and most reasonable tangible steps forward.

Realize ROI Quickly with Better Outcomes

We will work with you to build a decision framework, value stream mapping, and create a roadmap for identified apps.

Reduce Risk and Migrate with Confidence

We will help you migrate your apps to your desired cloud infrastructure with minimal downtime.

Accelerate Innovation by Replatforming

We will help you replatform selected apps to containers running on Kubernetes. 

Related Products

We will use intelligent tools and techniques to gather actionable insights about your app portfolio and execute your app modernization plan.

VMware Aria Operations for Networks

App-centric network visibility

Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu

Tool for app discovery, analysis and replatforming

VMware HCX

Application migration across data centers and clouds

Frequently Asked Questions

You may already have an app modernization strategy, but you might not be satisfied with the speed in which you’re seeing results. The Rapid Portfolio Modernization program helps you accelerate and execute your strategy so you can see results in weeks and months, instead of years.

No, it’s possible to take part in the Rapid Portfolio Modernization program without the use of VMware tools.

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