Gain Jurisdictional Control and Data Compliance

Sovereign clouds offer continuous protection and secure accessibility controls to enable new value and opportunities for national growth. Protect and control confidential or restricted data with the data residency and data sovereignty that a sovereign cloud provides, ensuring compliance with changing data privacy laws using a trusted cloud that supports a nation’s digital economy.

Data Sovereignty and Control

Ensure that data is subject to only the jurisdictional control and authority of the nation state or international federation where your data is collected and resides.

Data Security and Compliance

Establish security frameworks and meet compliance standards to protect data and establish an information security management system (ISMS).

Data Access and Integrity

Leverage comprehensive data management, data lifecycle, data protection and storage services within your sovereign cloud deployment.

Data Independence and Mobility

Multi-cloud architecture flexibility enables easy data and application portability.

Sovereign Cloud Products and Solutions

Gain trusted, local cloud infrastructure that meets security, compliance and data sovereignty requirements with VMware sovereign clouds.

Cloud Verified Partner Solutions

Validated services from global partners based on VMware Cloud infrastructure


Full-stack network and security virtualization

Tanzu Greenplum

Models for complex applications in cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, risk management, fraud detection, and many other areas

VMware Cloud Foundation

Hybrid cloud platform

VMware Aria Automation

Infrastructure automation platform

Tanzu Data Services

Portfolio of on-demand caching, messaging, and database software on VMware Tanzu 

Benefits of Sovereign Cloud

Control Your Data

Your data remains under sovereign control and jurisdiction, preventing compelled access to data by foreign authorities.

Unlock the Value of Data

Realize the true value of your data with an established framework for data privacy, data mobility to trusted clouds, and advanced data services.

Boost Security

Protect your applications and data against rapidly evolving attack vectors with advanced security controls and data classification implementations.

Future-Proof Your Infrastructure

Prepare for changing data privacy regulations, security threats and geopolitics. Avoid cloud vendor lock-in with workload, application and data portability.

Improve Compliance

Achieve compliance significantly faster and more efficiently, and maintain continuous compliance.


Fuel Innovation

Build a national capability of digital resilience for the data economy. Develop a deep and wide pool of useful data to unlock true economic growth.


Key Questions about Sovereign Cloud

Sovereign clouds are architected and built to deliver security and data access that meets strict requirements of regulated industries and local jurisdiction laws on data privacy, access and control. They protect and unlock the value of critical data for both private and public sector organizations.


Data residency refers to the physical and geographic location where customer data is stored and processed. This may be dictated by policy, tax or performance reasons.

Data sovereignty refers to data being subject to privacy laws and governance structures within the nation where that data is collected.

Generally, commercial public clouds provide data residency by building out regions in specific countries. While customer data may be resident locally, account information and metadata may not be. Resident data may be subject to compelled access by a foreign authority.

Sovereign clouds ensure data sovereignty in two ways:

1. Data is subject to the jurisdictional control and authority of the nation or pan-national entity (such as the EU) where that data was collected, and other jurisdictions are unable to assert authority over the data.

2. All data (e.g., customer data, metadata, etc.) is resident or controlled within that jurisdiction.

Some may think sovereign clouds are synonymous with “GovClouds” that target the public sector, but the concept of sovereign cloud is broader and applies equally to industry vertical or private sector services.

Sovereign Cloud Provider Ecosystem

Explore VMware Sovereign Cloud Providers

Securely move to your next stage in cloud transformation with a trusted VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider Partner.

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