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VMware and Google are collaborating on several projects to make cloud applications more productive, portable and flexible. These projects will enable Java developers to build rich web applications, use Google and VMware performance tools on cloud apps and deploy Spring Java applications on Google App Engine.

Vega openpaas

Vega openpaas

Spring, Google App Engine and SpringSource Tool Suite

Google is announcing support for Spring Java apps on Google App Engine in support of a shared vision to make it easy to build, run and manage applications for the cloud and to do so in a way that makes the applications portable across clouds. Using the Eclipse-based SpringSource Tool Suite, developers can build Spring applications in a familiar and productive way and have the flexibility to choose to deploy their applications in their current private VMware vSphere® environment, in VMware vCloud® partner clouds or directly to Google App Engine.

Spring Roo and Google Web Toolkit

VMware and Google are working together to combine the speed of development of Spring Roo, a next generation rapid application development tool, with the power of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to build rich browser apps. These GWT powered applications can leverage modern browser technologies such as AJAX and HTML5 to create the most compelling end-user experience on both smart phones and computers.

Spring Insight and Google Speed Tracer

The two companies are also collaborating to more tightly integrate VMware’s Spring Insight performance tracing technology within the SpringSource tc Server application server with Google’s Speed Tracer technology to enable end-to-end performance visibility of cloud applications built using Spring and Google Web Toolkit.

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