A Competitive Advantage

Commercializing a scientific breakthrough or a promising new technology takes a lot of up-front work and support. Endeavors often require funding, office space, labs, equipment, and a host of technology, from servers to software, networking, and storage. In Poland, startup companies have an attractive alternative: Poznań Science and Technology Park (PPNT). In addition to obtaining funding and other business services, the Park clients have the freedom and flexibility to manage their own cloud-based IT infrastructures by tapping into a virtualized, software-defined data center based on VMware vSphere, VMware Cloud Director, and VMware NSX.

Poznań Science and Technology Park (PPNT) and VMware

Poznań Science and Technology Park (PPNT) and VMware 

Fostering Breakthroughs

Poznań Science and Technology Park nurtures up-and-coming science and technology startups throughout Poland. Knowing that most startups cannot afford to build their own data centers, the Park provides robust Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) options based on VMware solutions in its DataCenter PPNT. The Park can equip clients with the technologies they need in seconds—a process that previously took days—and adjust services immediately in response to demand. Clients manage and control resources on their own, and pay only for what they use, resulting in far lower overhead.

  • High performance environment for IT services
  • Automated, self-service management capabilities
  • Resource provisioning time cut from days to seconds
  • Pay-as-you-go model reduces CAPEX and OPEX for clients

Poznań Science and Technology Park (PPNT)

Location: Poznań, Poland
Industry: Technology
Products: VMware vSphere, VMware Cloud Director, NSX

Protecting Intellectual Property

Whether they are embarking on a new financial service, a software application, or a scientific discovery, startups generate sensitive intellectual property that must be safeguarded at all costs. VMware NSX provides built-in security, protecting against data compromise. Either the Park or clients can easily configure security for different data and applications and automatically apply it throughout the IaaS environment.

What Poznań Science and Technology Park (PPNT) has to say about us

"VMware NSX, the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center, enables our customers to create, save, delete, and restore virtual networks on demand, without reconfiguring the physical network. It also provides a better security model."


Tomasz Łukaszewicz, DataCenter Manager IT Department, Poznań Science and Technology Park


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