Maximize Your Investment in VMware Technology with a Technical Account Manager

A VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM) is a trusted advisor who helps you adopt VMware technologies and accelerate the business outcomes you are looking for from VMware solutions. TAMs are VMware subject matter experts, but with in-depth knowledge of your specific environment. TAMs are also the ultimate team players: trusted advisors, a valued extension of your organization, but with an outside perspective and direct channel to all things VMware.

What to Expect from Your TAM Service 



TAM Expertise

TAM expertise is built on the collective insights from thousands of engagements. The value of the TAM service is across four essential and interconnected dimensions.

  • Accelerate Time to Value
  • Technology Adoption
  • Optimize Operations
  • Guide the Digital Transformation Journey



TAM Deliverables

With a TAM in place, you will receive a regular schedule of assessments, reviews, and analyses. These are based on a common and standardized methodology based on years of experience and adapted to your unique environment and needs.

  • Capability
  • Health Check
  • Best Practice
  • Business Review

TAM Service provides demonstrable ROI



Through in-depth customer interviews and data aggregation using their Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology, Forrester Consulting concluded that VMware TAM has the following three year impact:

301% ROI

$2.8M NPV

< 6 month payback

TAM Service benefits cited by customers in the study:

  • Better access to VMware resources
  • Better strategic planning
  • Better VMware solution utilization and performance
  • 10% VMware-related internal effort reduction

See the Forrester Study for more detail. Infographic  Executive Summary

Customers Optimize Their Investments with VMware TAM Services 


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Additional Offerings

Specialist Technical Account Managers

There are two specialist TAM roles available for customers: Network and Security TAM (NS TAM) and vSAN TAM. These specialized TAMs provide skilled advice and VMware expertise within a specific solution space to help customers get the most value from their investment. These roles are complementary to the TAM offering, with 3 service tiers: an average of 1 day a week, 2.5 days a week, or 5 days a week.


Virtual Technical Account Manager (vTAM)

This remote service role is for smaller organizations who are primarily looking for additional technical assistance with day-to-day operation efficiency. The vTAM provides a Technical Improvement Plan and implements best practices that improve operational stability and prevents future issues.

Technical Account Manager Service Tiers

  • Dedicated TAM/TAS: available five days a week over a twelve-month period.
  • Enterprise TAM/TAS: available two-and-a-half days a week over a twelve-month period.
  • TAM/TAS: available one day a week over a twelve-month period.
  • vTAM are available remotely four hours/week plus one offsite visit over a twelve-month period.