Modernize Government Data Centers

As budgets remain tight, state and local governments are looking to modernize IT infrastructure to optimize the cost of service delivery. Agencies have taken advantage of server virtualization to reduce infrastructure cost, and today they can apply that same software-defined approach to storage and networking to build fully software-defined data centers that meet and exceed IT efficiency, availability, and security goals.


California Natural Resources Agency

California Natural Resources Agency consolidated 33 sister agencies with their own dedicated IT departments into one common shared infrastructure using the software-defined data center and hybrid cloud.

Modernize Government Data Centers

Modernize the foundation of government IT operations to accelerate consolidation initiatives, achieve cost savings, and improve security posture

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City of North Las Vegas Virtualizes and Secures Infrastructure to Better Enable Agencies.

Solution Benefits

Improve performance

Proactively manage IT infrastructure to improve efficiency, performance, and availability

Lower total cost of ownership

Enable cost-efficient, simple, and agile delivery and operation of all required types of IT services and applications across private and public clouds

Accelerate delivery and responsiveness

Modernize data centers with an automated, software-defined approach to government IT

Strengthen data center security

Use abstraction across compute, storage, and networking and create an independent virtualization layer to secure infrastructure

Improve end-to-end management and security

Gain the power and efficiency of virtualization across the data center, virtualizing compute, storage, and networking, with common management across all three


VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Further modernize IT by extending the hypervisor to storage and networking.

VMware vRealize Suite

Automate infrastructure delivery and management across heterogeneous and multi-cloud environments.

VMware Cloud Foundation

Deliver enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure across private and public clouds, including IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

VMware NSX and vRealize Automation

Attach policy-driven workloads to network and security services for further protection.


A State Health Department

A state health department deploys hyperconverged infrastructure to improve application performance, reduce system downtime, and deliver better customer care for the Bureau of Women, Infants, and Children.


California Natural Resources Agency

Changes the Way They Do Networking with VMware NSX and vRealize Automation.