Important Information Regarding all Products Previously Sold under the Shavlik Brand Name

We are retaining and enhancing many of the Shavlik products, and renaming them to VMware product family names. Additionally, we are transitioning some products’ features and capabilities into new products, and we are announcing End of Life for other products.

New product names and suggested migration paths

Shavlik Product Names New VMware Product Names and Migration Paths
NetChk® Protect vCenter Protect Standard End of Support 2012/11/1 for version 7.8
NetChk Protect Audit Edition End of Availability 2012/02/29
End of Support 2013/02/28
Protect Bundle Subscription or SimplexITy Bundle (Protect, Configure, AV, PM) vCenter Protect Advanced
NetChk Protect – Government Edition vCenter Protect Standard
Security Suite – Government Edition vCenter Protect Essentials Government Edition
SCUPdates vCenter Protect Update Catalog
IT.Shavlik VMware Go
NetChk Configure End of Availability as a standalone product 2012/02/29
End of Support 2013/02/28
NetChk vProtect End of Availability 2011/11/1
End of Support 2012/11/1
Automatic migration to vCenter Protect Standard with upgrade to version 8.0
Antivirus, Power Management End of Availability as a standalone product 2011/11/1
End of Support as a standalone product 2012/11/1
Suggest migration to vCenter Protect Advanced
Security Intelligence (SSI) 4.3 End of Availability 2011/06/30 (previously announced)
End of Support 2012/06/30 (previously announced)
Analyzer (SNA) End of Availability 2011/11/1
End of Support 2012/11/1
Contact us at for migration options

Technical Support

You may continue to obtain technical support and maintenance for the NetChk Protect, NetChk vProtect, Antivirus, Power Management, Analyzer (SNA), NetChk Configure, Security Suite – Government Edition, NetChk Protect Audit Edition and Security Intelligence (SSI) products based on your currently active support and maintenance agreement with Shavlik Technologies or VMware until the EOSL Date. Support and maintenance will continue at the same Support Level Agreement (SLA) terms currently in place.


Please continue to use the same support tools and methods for logging support cases and refer to the communication VMware sent around November 2011 for additional details.

Software Life Cycle Policy

VMware is also announcing that the life cycle policy previously adopted by Shavlik products is transitioning to VMware’s Enterprise Application Life Cycle Policy (on premise products) and the SaaS Life Cycle Policy (VMware Go).

Product Life Cycle Policy
VMware vCenter Protect Essentials/Essentials Plus
VMware vCenter Protect Update Catalog
Enterprise Application Life Cycle Policy
VMware Go SaaS Life Cycle Policy