Online Support for OnDemand Services via Web and Email


  • 24x7 support for Severity 1 issues
  • Fast response times for critical issues
  • Unlimited number of Support Requests
  • Access to documentation and technical resources, Knowledge Base, discussion forums



VMware OnDemand Online Support is designed to provide the support you need via email. Our global support centers are staffed around the clock to give you access to our industry-leading Technical Support Engineers who are experts in private and hybrid clouds.

Feature OnDemand Online Support
Support Pricing 7% of the total OnDemand Services usage cost per month
Service Supported Support by Product Matrix
Hours of Operation 24 Hours/Day
7 Days/Week
365 Days/Year
Method of Access Web/Email
Number of Support Requests Unlimited
Access to VMware’s Knowledge Base and Discussion Forums Yes
Target Response Times
Critical (Severity 1)
Major (Severity 2)
Minor (Severity 3)
Cosmetic (Severity 4)
1 hour or less
4 business hours
8 business hours
12 business hours
Contact Your Support Team


You can contact VMware Support by the web using My VMware. Support Requests can be submitted from the web here.

Support Requests


You may submit an unlimited number of Support Requests.

VMware is committed to rapid response of all Support Requests. All Severities can be logged with VMware on a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year basis via the web. All Support Requests can be tracked online by the user who logged the Support Request.

Support Policies


Your use of this offering is subject to the following policies:


Response Times


Response times depend on the severity of the issue. The Summary of Support Features chart above provides an overview of the different response times.

VMware will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond promptly to each Support Request within the published response times. VMware does not guarantee resolution time as that may vary on the nature of the problem. A resolution may consist of a fix, workaround or other solution VMware deems reasonable.

VMware will use reasonable efforts to meet the response time objectives stated in the table above. VMware will provide continuous efforts (24x7x365) to resolve Severity 1 service availability issues until a workaround or resolution can be provided or until the incident can be downgraded to a lower severity.

The severity levels are defined below.

Severity Definitions


Critical (Severity 1)


  • Critical production issue affecting all users, including service unavailability and data integrity issues with no workaround available.
  • Service crashes or hangs indefinitely causing unacceptable or indefinite delays for resources or response.
  • Severity 1 issues identified by the customer not related to a service interruption / outage require the customer to have dedicated resources available to work on the issue on an ongoing basis or the severity level will drop to Severity 2.

Major (Severity 2)


  • Major functionality is impacted or significant performance degradation is experienced. Issue is persistent and affects many users and/or major functionality. No reasonable workaround available.
  • Important features of the service offering are unavailable with no acceptable workaround; however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion.

Minor (Severity 3)


  • Service is operational but partially degraded for some or all customers, and an acceptable workaround or solution exists.
  • Problem with non-critical feature or functionality.

Cosmetic (Severity 4)


  • Inquiry regarding a routine technical issue; information requested on service capabilities or bug affecting a small number of users. Acceptable workaround available.
  • Enhancement requests, missing or erroneous documentation.
Support Request Severity Life Cycle


Support Requests are assigned a severity level based on the nature of your request. We highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the severity definitions and response times defined above.

Downgrade of Severity Level – If, during the Support Request process, the issue no longer warrants the severity level currently assigned based on its current impact on the production operation of the service, the severity level will be downgraded to the severity level that most appropriately reflects its current impact.

Upgrade of Severity Levels – If, during the Support Request process, the issue warrants the assignment of a higher severity level than that currently assigned based on the current impact on the production operation of the service, the severity level will be upgraded to the severity level that most appropriately reflects its current impact. In requesting any assignment of a higher severity level, VMware may request you to provide additional information that demonstrates the increased impact of the issue.

Adherence to Severity Level Definitions – You will ensure that the assignment and adjustment of any severity level designation is accurate based on the current impact on the production operation of the service. You acknowledge that VMware is not responsible for any failure to meet performance standards caused by your misuse or mis-assignment of severity level designations.

Support Request Escalation


Your VMware support team always works to ensure that the appropriate resources and level of focus are applied to your request. If you are not satisfied with the progress of your Support Request you can request an escalation. By invoking the escalation process, additional levels of VMware management attention, procedure reinforcement and resource prioritization are brought to bear on resolving your Support Request. To learn more, please refer to the article.