Transform Security And Compliance

Embrace VMware’s security-in-depth software-defined solutions that help mitigate cybersecurity risk for institutions who often have overextended and siloed IT staff. Protect student, health, financial, research and intellectual property data across sprawling and complex campus networks and large numbers of unsecured devices.

University of New Mexico (UNM)

UNM uses VMware NSX and VMware vRealize Automation to offer access to environments that comply with regulations (HIPPA, FERPA).

Solution Benefits

Build a Zero-Trust Environment

Network microsegmentation enables a zero trust security model with granular policies enforced at every workload.

Software-Defined Security

Building security into software means policy moves with workloads to other datacenters or the cloud.

Protect Your Institution’s Brand

Dramatically reduce potential attack vectors to sensitive data environments (PCI, EMR, IP, Research) through micro-segmentation and system hierarchy.


VMware AirWatch + VMware NSX 

Create a multilayered approach to reduce the impact of malware, ransomware, and hacking on education environments.

VMware NSX 

Stop the lateral movement of threats with micro-segmentation of IT services and desktops.

VMware Horizon 7 

Remove research, IP and student information from vulnerable endpoint devices by centralizing data.


Edinburgh Napier University (ENU)

ENU enriches student learning while becoming secure at its core.

St. John’s University

This university implemented VMware vCloud Air disaster recovery in just 10 weeks