From Legacy to Virtual

In a crowded marketplace, differentiation is key. To provide tailored, meaningful offerings such as voice, data, TV and banking services, global telecom company Bharti Airtel needed to understand their customers using data analytics, and create apps to deliver services. Modernizing their data centers with VMware increased developers’ agility and efficiency so the company can get their offerings to market faster.

Bharti Airtel is transforming their IT using VMware's vRealize Suite

Bharti Airtel is transforming their IT using VMware's vRealize Suite and NSX together for a secure, agile infrastructure that can address legacy needs, and move into the future with agility to support modern application development.

Bharti Airtel and VMware 

Speed to Market

To meet the goal of putting customers’ experience and satisfaction first, development teams need the power to meet market demands as fast as possible. Bharti Airtel’s modern infrastructure and apps let them quickly understand how their customers are using their apps, and react immediately and appropriately. VMware solutions took them from inefficient legacy systems to flexible, agile IT systems that help them scale quickly and align resources to delight their customers.


Bharti Airtel

Location: New Delhi, India
Industry: Telecommunications
Products: VMware vSphere, vCloud Suite, NSX, vRealize Automation and vRealize Operations
Strategic IT Priority: Modernize Data Center, Transform Security

Predict and Control

The VMware vRealize Suite, integrated with VMware NSX, helps Bharti Airtel manage physical compute and network as a single unit. These modern IT solutions both monitor infrastructure and perform capacity planning and analytics. Using these solutions, Bharti Airtel is able to give their developers the right resources at the right time to respond quickly to the market.

What Bharti Airtel has to say about us

"VMware gives us the capability and the flexibility to scale, to spin up environments, to move things from thought to actuality in the market."


Sachin Verma, VP-Head of Infrastructure and Operations, Bharti Airtel


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