Information Firm Accelerates Insights with Hybrid Cloud Solutions

IHS Markit

Industry: Technology, Business Services

“By transitioning to VMware Cloud on AWS, we have a consistent cost model that ensures we never incur more physical infrastructure technical debts.”

Ben Tanner, Executive Director, Head of IT Product Transformation, IHS Markit

IHS Markit thrives on its ability to quickly and reliably deliver analytics and solutions for clients worldwide. To support global business growth while meeting data sovereignty and other compliance requirements, the firm turned to hybrid cloud solutions from VMware. With VMware Cloud on AWS and vRealize Automation Cloud, IHS Markit can dynamically scale its environment, leveraging consistent multi-cloud automation and governance capabilities. At the same time, NSX Data Center helps IHS Markit fortify and simplify network security with automated policies and management, plus micro-segmentation. The unified, efficient nature of VMware solutions helps the IT team remove bottlenecks for faster delivery of solutions to IHS Markit clients.

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