VMware solution transforms IT infrastructure for hospital

Nantes University Hospital Center

Industry: Healthcare

"Few players are able to offer solutions to support all issues of mobility, security, experience ... by proposing a coherent strategy. This is why we chose VMware to support us in our transformation."

Cédric Quillévéré, In charge of the architecture team for Nantes University Hospital's Territorial Digital Services Department

The Nantes University Hospital Center (CHU), a hospital which provides local health care in Nantes area in France, was in need of a solution which would help to support the Territorial Hospital Group, as well as help it to transform into a "Digital Hospital" which could implement changes and complete processes in an agile fashion. To do so, the Nantes University Hospital Center deployed VMware vSAN, NSX Data Center and vRealize Suite to modernize the hospital's data center and protect critical data and applications from security threats, to prepare a profound metamorphosis into a "Digital Hospital".