Antwerp creates a safer city using better technology

Antwerp Police Department

Industry: Public Sector

“We want to be a progressive organization that is different from the classic police services. Technology allows us to realize our mission—maintaining order and creating a safe urban environment—in a much faster, more efficient and flexible way.”

Stijn Haemhouts, Deputy Director ICT at Antwerp Police Department

Antwerp creates a safer city using better technology

Every hour of every day, police patrol the Belgian city of Antwerp. The Antwerp Police Department developed FOCUS, its own platform and app, to convert police vehicles into digital workplaces where officers can complete their paperwork, from drafting official reports to searching data. Because police services are on standby 24/7, the underlying infrastructure of this platform must guarantee stability, speed and scalability. The Antwerp Police Department used VMware Horizon to deliver desktop virtualization to endpoint devices in police vehicles; HPE Synergy frames in combination with VMware SAN storage quickly delivers the necessary data and information officers require.