Seamless cloud deployment for faster app roll-out by leveraging VMware

Centre for Railway Information Systems

Industry: Public Sector

“VMware solutions have helped in setting up a fully automated cloud architecture that will not only decrease the time taken for the launch of complex IT applications but also reduce our capital expenditures with an on-premise cloud infrastructure.”

Suneeti Goel, Chief Project Engineer (CPE), Passenger Reservation System (PRS), Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS)

Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) is at the forefront of the IT transformation that is powering the digitization of the Indian Railways. However, the delay in allocation or non-availability of IT resources slowed down the roll-out of new applications developed for the Indian Railways by CRIS. As a result, CRIS sought to consolidate its siloed IT infrastructure and modernize its data center with a future ready technology platform. The deployed solution has resulted in a flexible, agile, and scalable infrastructure that also facilitates the development of cloud-native applications. It has improved go-to-market time for launching new applications and reduced overall cost of ownership for CRIS.