Supporting 1.4 Million Members During Lockdown with VMware


Industry: Healthcare

“Our contact center staff are able to go on as normal, as though there is no pandemic. The truth of the matter is we won’t be able to provide the service we’re providing now, if not for VMware.”

Melanio Felix "Joel" Garcia, Assistant Vice President, IT and Communication, Intellicare

Supporting 1.4 Million Members During Lockdown with VMware

During the COVID-19 lockdown in the Philippines, leading health maintenance organization Intellicare needed to empower its employees to continue serving to its 1.4 million members. To help Intellicare maintain business continuity and employee productivity, VMware partner Accent Micro Technologies deployed VMware Horizon®, VMware Workspace ONE®, VMware vSphere® and VMware vSAN. The solution enabled 70 percent of Intellicare employees to work from home, including contact center staff and claims processing personnel, delivering continuous service and care for the organization's members and providers throughout the lockdown.