Transforming Employee Experiences with Digital Workspaces

BN Vital

Industry: Financial Services

"Disruptions in daily work due to strikes, infrastructure issues, and natural events led us to look for a technology solution that would allow us to safely move our personnel’s desktop work to anywhere there is an Internet connection."

Juan Carlos Siles, Infrastructure Technology Manager, BN Vital

BN Vital, a leading Costa Rican bank, wanted to enable its employees to work from anywhere with any device, despite natural disasters or labor strikes that affected the country’s infrastructure and transportation. The bank’s teleworking initiative began with VMware Horizon virtual desktops and expanded to VMware Workspace ONE for mobile devices, giving employees secure access to their work and company resources from home or other remote sites. Employees enjoy the expanded flexibility, and their high satisfaction helped BN Vital win a Great Place to Work award. The company was able to halve its office space, resulting in $10,000 monthly savings and a 2-year project payback.

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