Citizens Reap Rewards of Forward Thinking Technology

City of Tyler

Industry: Government

“We are more and more looking at connecting our citizens with their government through technology, how can we serve our citizens so that people will want to come and live in the City of Tyler and raise their family.”

Benny Yazdanpanahi, CIO, City of Tyler

Citizens Reap Rewards of Forward Thinking Technology

Serving over 100,000 citizens in northeast Texas, the City of Tyler needed to improve application uptime and performance, including access and responsiveness for its employees and citizens, all while protecting data security. The city invested in networking and virtualization with VMware, in partnership with Mark III Systems and Dell, to create better application end user experiences—from a municipal employee reading water meters with a mobile phone app or a resident tracking when the bus will arrive with the city’s GPS mapping app.


NSX Data Center, VMware vSphere