Global Shipper Enhances Performance with Modern App Development

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services

Industry: Transportation and Freight

"Thanks to [VMware Tanzu Labs,] we have learned how to make our teams more efficient and how to manage product development. We can add new features immediately after getting a request. And we can quickly build and develop applications that address our real-time business challenges, drive our business performance, and maximize our profits."

Eyal Ben Amram, EVP Chief Information Officer, ZIM

ZIM chose VMware Tanzu Application Service and the Spring development environment, enabling seamless transfer of workloads from the public cloud to a VMware vSphere-based data center powered by VxRail servers. ZIM also chose VMware Tanzu Labs for quick development and delivery of smart systems. Modern application development began with the discover and framing phase, while focusing on maximizing ROI. ZIM initiated solution development in the public cloud during the first three months, and seamlessly migrated to an on-premises environment to quickly produce a minimum viable product with business value. Thanks to fast delivery time to users, ZIM received immediate feedback and rapidly carried out release updates and ongoing improvements.