Container technology paves the way to the digital future


Industry: Public Sector

“Thanks to VMware Tanzu, we were able to design and build a new platform in three months flat. Others need two years to do that!”

Ralph Rehbein, Manager System Technology, DVZ M-V GmbH

Container technology paves the way to the digital future

Facing the German Online Access Act as well as increasing customer requirements, modernization is also on the agenda of the DVZ Mecklenburg-West Pomerania data processing center GmbH, IT service provider for the state administration of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. As a result of many years of virtualization with VMware vSphere®, DVZ M-V GmbH opted for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid to implement advanced container technology and modernize all business processes. The project was realized within remarkably short period of time in partnership with the evoila Group, giving DVZ a deep dive into container technology. The innovation driver thus paves the way to a digital future for public administration.

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