LIQ Reinforces Security With VMware Carbon Black and VMware SASE


Industry: Business Services

“We were looking for a unifying strategy that would provide a way to manage and secure all our cloud and on-premises environments with consistency, as well as being able to understand what is happening to reduce risk. Security threats can come from multiple sources, so we really need to protect everything. VMware is proving to be an excellent ally in this mission.”    

Nicolas Ramirez, Director of Technology and Innovation, LIQ

LIQ Reinforces Security With VMware Carbon Black and VMware SASE

With numerous ransomware attacks in Brazil last year, LIQ has witnessed some of its customers and service providers experiencing breaches. Security has always been a very important issue for the company, and knowing that the network structure was its main vulnerability, LIQ needed to focus on protecting endpoints. After talking to organizations that were directly impacted by ransomware attacks, the company received recommendations for using the solutions VMware Carbon Black, VMware SASE, VMware Cloud Web Security and VMware Secure Access. One month post-deployment, LIQ was able to identify around 30,000 incoming threats before they became attacks.

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