On premise data center migration with Google Cloud VMware Engine


Industry: Business Services

“We decided to use Google Cloud VMware Engine infrastructure to migrate our servers to the cloud. The process is still in progress, but we have already achieved surprising results, such as a 94% drop in the volume of incidents of applications hosted in the cloud, total infrastructure cost 60% lower than two years ago and a 92% reduction in the amount spent on storage for storing historical data”

Nicolas Ramirez, Director of technology and innovation at LIQ

On premise data center migration with Google Cloud VMware Engine

After growing more than 60% of its revenue, LIQ needed to modernize its servers, and increase agility and security to support new business demands. In just three months, the company migrated 80% of its business application environments and 50% of its informational environments of the total 600 servers with Google Cloud VMware Engine. Once the application migration and modernization processes are completed, LIQ intends to exchange traditional suppliers for others that are more familiar and engaged with cloud infrastructure and microservices.

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