Resolving Customer Issues in Half The Time With VMware Premier Support

Micro-D International, Inc (MDI)

Industry: Technology

“VMware Premier Support gives assurance to our enterprise cloud customers because it is a collaborative effort between VMware and MDI to give them the best support. We certainly do see value in it.”

Marco Fernandez, Director, Product Management, MDI

Micro-D International, Inc, (MDI), an information and communications technology solutions provider in the Philippines, has been managing private clouds for enterprise customers. One of its largest enterprise customers is running Tier 1 apps on its managed private cloud, and any downtime will disrupt the customer’s ability to provide services to millions of end users, resulting in financial penalties for MDI. To reduce the number of missed service-level agreements (SLAs), MDI subscribed to VMware Premier Support™. This provides MDI with priority access to senior-level VMware technical engineers, who help the team to troubleshoot and resolve issues faster.