VMware NSX and Zero Trust for better security and usability

eurofunk Kappacher GmbH

Industry: Technology

“We have reduced the burden on the firewall by about two thirds. VMware NSX is definitely the right solution for us.”

Günter Grünwald, Head of IT Core Services, eurofunk

eurofunk, the system specialist for planning, installation and operation of control centers and emergency call centers, implemented its own software solutions. For its customers, it is crucial to rely on stable and secure system operation with the lowest possible maintenance downtimes. eurofunk recently modernized its own security strategy to be prepared to its customers’ needs. By deploying VMware NSX, eurofunk was able to introduce a Zero Trust model and ensure flexible service delivery while maintaining an optimal balance between security and ease of use. Today, eurofunk is well equipped to meet the growing demands of its customers in public safety, industry and transport organizations.

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