neurothink Takes Machine Learning Mainstream


Industry: Technology

“The beauty of the VMware engagement is that it gives us a one-stop-shop for everything we need for our 'radically accessible' platform. We can then make the platform secure, automated and fractionalized, from the hardware to the containers.”

Charles Donly, COO, neurothink

neurothink Takes Machine Learning Mainstream

The barriers for entry into machine learning (ML) are high. Platforms that support ML are typically fragmented and access to the most powerful GPUs is scarce. Creating and training models poses a steep learning curve. neurothink is making ML “radically accessible,” starting with data scientists, and building an environment for them to do their best work. VMware Carbon Black Cloud, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition and VMware vSphere BitFusion enable neurothink to deliver a capable, reliable, efficient and cost-effective ML-as-a-Service product.