Virtualization Creates the Momentum for Cultural Change


Industry: Public Sector

"We want to accelerate technological innovation, improve the performance and security of our IT infrastructure and encourage a data-driven approach to support our decision-making processes.”

Mauro Giancaspro, ICT Director, ANAS

Virtualization Creates the Momentum for Cultural Change

ANAS is responsible for managing Italy’s roads, highways and infrastructure, connecting every town in the country. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Italy in March 2020, the company wanted to promote an innovative mindset and drive cultural change across the business as an example to other public sector agencies. Using VMware Horizon virtual desktops, ANAS enabled both its staff out in the field and its inhouse design team to work from home seamlessly, managing the graphics requirements of its engineers and designers. The business is now more efficient, and employees can collaborate with ease and complete maintenance quicker, improving road networks and minimizing disruption for citizens.