Driving DX at FUJIFILM with Flexible IT and Multi-Cloud Strategy

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation

Industry: Manufacturing

“The VMware vision matches our desire to absorb vendor differences, optimize for different business characteristics, and provide a mechanism for adopting the best-performing and most cost-effective technologies at any time.”

Mr. Kentaro Watanabe, General Manager, ICT Strategy Division, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation

Driving DX at FUJIFILM with Flexible IT and Multi-Cloud Strategy

As a leader in medical systems, materials and imaging, and business innovation, FUJIFILM Holdings (FUJIFILM) built its reputation on innovation. Digital transformation (DX) has always been central to its business. As FUJIFILM grew, its IT needs changed, and the entire group needed to upgrade. With over 1,000 individual servers across on-premises legacy systems, security standards were inconsistent across the brand. As more employees worked offsite, its existing IT infrastructure struggled to securely support remote work. FUJIFILM needed to migrate into the cloud quickly, flexibly and securely. VMware was the partner of choice because the business was able to absorb vendor differences and optimize solutions for different needs.


VMware NSX


Cloud Infrastructure, Multi-Cloud