Chitale Dairy Brings Agility to Milk Production

Chitale Dairy

Industry: Manufacturing

"We are transitioning all our software to modern, containerized apps. With VMware, we have progressed quickly on that journey, and transforming our software has helped us become a more agile business moving in the direction consumers want."

Vishvas Chitale, CEO and CTO, Chitale Dairy

Chitale Dairy Brings Agility to Milk Production

When retail outlets closed and the company needed to serve customers directly, Chitale Dairy redesigned operations to include a business-to-consumer delivery model. Facing great urgency, Chitale Dairy digitized every aspect of operations, launching the “Grass to Glass” program: an initiative that infuses digital technology at every step of production. Working with Sunfire Technologies, a VMware Premier Partner, Chitale Dairy implemented VMware Tanzu Service Mesh, VMware Cloud Foundation, and VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer to create cloud native apps, modernize existing applications and develop a hybrid cloud environment to host them.