Effective, Efficient, Elastic

Telekom Malaysia (TM) wants to leverage its extensive global connectivity, network infrastructure, and technology expertise to help Malaysia become a regional internet hub and digital gateway for Southeast Asia. To help provide an enhanced, integrated digital lifestyle to its customers, TM runs many of its mission-critical operations on the VMware vCloud Suite. TM’s centralized, fully virtualized private cloud—called iGrid—frees IT staff to focus on planning and strategy. The effective, efficient, and elastic IT infrastructure also enables flexible business growth and reliable disaster recovery.

Telekom Malaysia and VMware

Telekom Malaysia and VMware 

Effortless Resource Requests


A private cloud helps TM deliver infrastructure and applications without sacrificing IT control. It also reduces the total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure by 30% and helps eliminate the company’s dependence on proprietary hardware. Operations are also more efficient. TM reduced system provisioning turnaround times from up to six months to less than one week by activating a self-service portal using VMware vCloud Automation Center.

Telekom Malaysia

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Industry: Telco Cloud
Products: VMware vCloud Suite, vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations, Site Recovery Manager, vSphere

Customer and Corporate Value


The VMware vCloud Suite delivers value to TM by fulfilling the company’s vision of a unified platform that simplifies IT management, future-proofs infrastructure, increases system reliability, and enhances disaster recovery. It also demonstrates the company’s commitment to thought leadership and technological innovation. TM communicates superior reliability as part of its brand, and VMware technology helps the company deliver that promise in ways that benefit customers, shareholders, and the company.

What Telekom Malaysia has to say about us

"In case of any component failure, or if we run out of resources, or if the application speed is unacceptable, we can provision additional virtual machines on the fly and increase performance within days."


Nizam Arshad, Vice President, Group IT, Telekom Malaysia


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