As of the snapshot date of April 5, 2023, please find below the required gender pay gap statistics:


Gender pay gap

Mean hourly pay gap: 33.1%
Median hourly pay gap: 28.8%


Gender bonus gap

Mean bonus gap: 44.0%
Median bonus gap: 57.3%


Proportion of employees who received a bonus

90.9% of women
93.8% of men


Pay Quartiles

PAY QUARTILES % Female % Male
Lower 51.5% 48.5%
Lower Middle 26.5% 73.5%
Upper Middle 21.1% 78.9%
Upper 16.4% 83.6%

VMware is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct and ethics throughout our global operations. VMware's diverse and inclusive culture values different perspectives, builds employee engagement and fosters the creativity that fuels innovation.

We employ people of many different nationalities, ethnicities, cultures, abilities, backgrounds, faiths and beliefs. Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive culture, which empowers our workforce to give their best, collaborate and contribute to our collective success. We recognize that the greatest ideas can come from a diverse workforce and the importance of championing these different perspectives to foster our culture of innovation.

In respect of our UK Gender Pay Gap obligations, we recognize the importance of continuing to encourage more women to develop their careers within our company. We are clear that this is vital to our aspiration to narrow our gender pay gap.