How the Program Works

The VMware Academic Software Licensing Program supports the use of virtualization applications in teaching and research. The program provides both desktop and infrastructure software for personal use, whether as part of STEM classes, in research projects, or for gaining hands-on experience with VMware products. Applications are provided at no cost to end users, with participating departments being responsible for covering the program’s operational costs through an annual subscription fee based upon the total number of users. 

  1. VMware Workstation
  2. VMware Fusion
  3. VMware vSphere
  4. VMware vCenter
  5. VMware vSAN
  6. VMware NSX-T-LE
  7. VMware vRealize
  8. VMware Tanzu Basics


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VMware Academic Software License Overview

See who is eligible for Academic Software Licensing including department fees, program scope, and products included.

VMAP End User License Agreement

Read about the legality of the EULA that VMware Academic Software Licensing Program uses to answer any questions about what is and is not allowed while teaching.